New Product Ideas From Intromark

As America's largest inventor service company, InventHelp® (Intromark's sister company) continually receives inventions in every stage of development. With that as a foundation, Intromark believes we offer one of the largest resources of new product ideas. Information of a non-confidential nature about some of these inventions can be viewed in our searchable invention listings.

In addition to the listings posted on this site, you can also contact Intromark for a custom search of products targeted to your category or industry.

Searchable Invention Listings: These ideas are some of the newest inventions we've received. You can search inventions by keyword or by general category. Each invention listing describes the benefit an inventor believes his or her idea offers. Intromark updates the inventions posted on a regular basis. For more detailed information on these new product ideas, e-mail us or call 1-800-851-6030.

InventHelp Data Bank: Access to new product ideas is free to qualified registrants in the InventHelp Data Bank. Our Data Bank consists of companies who are looking for new inventions to add to their product lines. Once you're registered, we'll send you inventions in your category on an ongoing basis. Your company can sign up for the InventHelp Data Bank by completing our Data Bank Registration Form.

INPEX New Product Listings: These are some of the inventions that have been exhibited at INPEX, our invention trade show, in the past couple years. You can search through these listings by category, keyword or year.