About Intromark

With over twenty years experience, Intromark is an invention licensing and marketing company that provides businesses with a link to thousands of new products and invention ideas. We can customize a search to find products that meet your business's defined criteria.

Working in conjunction with InventHelp®, a leading inventor service company, we have access to thousands of inventions and ideas in many different areas of industry. These ideas are available to companies which may be looking for new products to license, manufacture or market. Another Intromark resource for new products and invention ideas is INPEX®, America's Largest Invention Trade Show. Held each year in Pittsburgh, INPEX offers over 1,000 innovations, new product ideas and technologies from 20 different countries. Intromark uses the connection with its sister company, InventHelp, and its INPEX show to find products that fit a company's specific needs.

Companies interested in licensing or acquiring rights to an invention work directly with Intromark’s team of licensing professionals. If you are looking for a particular invention or new product idea, our team will search all of our invention resources for something that will fit your needs – all at no cost or obligation to you or your company. In addition to scouting for new products, Intromark also provides licensing, marketing and sales support to companies who decide to work with one of our products.

Have a question about who we are, what we do or how we can help your company find new products? If so, contact Intromark. You can also find us at a number of different industry trade shows – check out our trade show schedule.